House Breaking…

I write today as the frustrated father of a finicky pooper… Bitsy was doing so well, and then I had a lot of friends over for Thanksgiving and now she’s completely forgotten all of her house breaking… She’s gone inside since Thursday… What do I do???

I found several articles on how to house break a puppy, but they all talk about small bladders, etc. I did learn that putting her nose in it is not good… thanks a lot Dad…

I know that Bitsy CAN hold it, she’s just NOT holding it… And before I get messages about her being sick, she’s not sick. All of her “business” is normal.

I went through this once with a foster dog but I just couldn’t handle it, so I gave her to someone at the rescue who is still struggling to have her 100% housebroken… Suggestions??? Please someone tell me that this is just a phase!

I’ve gone through so many rolls of papertowels…



I have to confess, I think I read almost every article out there that talks about Cavaliers… It’s a problem… Well, this week, I came across “19 Reasons You Should Never Adopt a Cavalier King Charles” and, despite knowing it was “click-bait” – I clicked… because, who can resist funny pictures of dogs. The top pic is of a blenheim.

Here’s Bitsy, back this summer. We’re both celebrating #TongueOutTuesday… because apparently, this is now a thing…

Tongue Out Tuesday

Naming Your Dog

Sometimes I’m at the dog park and I hear the most ridiculous names. My veterinarian said that the two most popular Cavalier names she hears are “Bentley” and “Teddy”. I came up this article – – and I have to say, these are some of the most ridiculous names I’ve ever heard… or seen for that matter.

When I named Bitsy, I thought “She’s just a bit of a thing” and I thought it was a cute nickname for a more preppy name, like Elizabeth.

I wonder what other people think when they name their dogs. If you rescue, do you keep the same name that the rescue gives them? If they’ve already been rehomed a few times, does the dog get confused because he’s named Bear Oreo Bandit Sir Wiggles McLovin Roofus?

Just some thoughts for a gloomy Wednesday.

On another note, does anyone’s cavalier hate getting their paws wet when it rains? I swear I’m playing the negotiator when it rains here with her to get her to potty outside… *first world problems…*

Puppy Videos to Brighten Your Day!

Tuesday is really just a second Monday. Bitsy decided that it was a brilliant idea to roll in wet dead leaves RIGHT after coming home from the groomers. So, on days like today, when I just don’t understand dog logic, I surf the web to find interesting videos that make me smile. Here are two that I found:

Puppies learning how to howl

And this goofy lab who did a fun trick (possibly by accident…)

Hope these videos can be a good pick-me-up on your 2nd Monday!


Bitsy had a slow week – fall winter has her down. I’m bringing her to the groomers tomorrow so I’m hoping she’ll be getting more spring in her step back. She’s got snarls under her ears. I wonder how many other cavalier parents have this issue. What products do you use? I swear I’m brushing her almost daily and this still happens! At any rate, here are some of my favorite instagram accounts: three corgis  and doug the pugWho do you follow?