The Holidays and Grooming

Well, I figured since I had to shave off my goatee before going to see family, Bitsy deserved some time at the groomers’ too. This way we were both groomed for our visit home.

She looks so cute with the bowties, but this lasted a whopping 3 minutes til she got home and decided to slide face first on the rug to “scratch”. I made her sit on my front steps to get a good picture so I could show my mother that I DO try to make her pretty for visits…

Do your dogs hate having stuff put in their fur? I wish she’d tolerate this since I see other dogs at the park with them. Do you take your dogs to the groomers before visiting family?

I swear, Bitsy’s fur just gets loosened up and she sheds more after she’s been groomed. I did see this great infomercial when I was at my parent’s house for a knot free brush. I succumbed to the 3am infomercial… I’ll let you know how it goes when I get it. Bitsy always gets knots near her bum and behind her ears… it probably has something to do with the face sliding on the carpet thing…

She is my heart.



9 thoughts on “The Holidays and Grooming

    1. @Scarlybob’s Blog – yeah – I tried that but she REALLY hated it. I think she has sensitive skin. I gave it to my sister who has a siamese that sheds like the dickens and she loves it for him.


  1. OMG she is adorable! Love the bows, but even I would rub my face on the carpet to get them out of my hair! 😉
    I will brush my guys for guests, but no groomers needed, I’ve got a big bathtub. Breck does get a bunch of ‘dreadlocks’ near his butt. We’re not proud, I just cut them out. Who knows what’s in there! 😨
    Happy new year!

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    1. @Midwestern Plant Girl — Bitsy gets those too. I got the KnotOut comb last night. Looks kind of cheap… I didn’t upgrade to the “delux stainless steel” — and I have to go to the store tonight to get 4 triple a batteries before I can test it out. I’ll let you know if it works. She’s got a good snag near her butt too… I’m always afraid I’m going to cut her skin… I’ll let you know how it works.

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      1. Welp. I think I’ll just keep the old method in place. .. the one where I get arm cramps from brushing them! 😉
        Thanks for the review!

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