They say a dog is man’s best friend and I couldn’t agree more. As an avid dog lover, I follow several Instagram accounts to get my canine fix. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites to share with all of you.

marniethedog instagramMarnie The Dog | Handle: marniethedog
Marnie is a 15 year old Shih Tzu adopted from a shelter 4 years ago. She is bicoastal and spends her time between New York and LA. (This little dog is more well traveled than I am.) Marnie is totally quirky and looks like she would be a blast to hang with at the dog park. One of my favorite photos is of Marnie staring at the camera with her head cocked to the side and tongue hanging out of her mouth, looking like she’s ready to down the bottle of hot sauce next to her.

itsdougthepug instagramDoug the Pug | Handle: itsdougthepug
The self proclaimed “King of Pop Culture.” This account is hilarious. Apparently Doug really likes to eat because there are photos of him with pies, French fries, chicken nuggets, and even champagne. (I think the champagne is just for show but you can never be too sure.) Doug even has his own store where you can purchase Doug merchandise. This dog is winning at life.

tunameltsmyheart instagramTuna | Handle: tunameltsmyheart
Tuna is a chiweenie with a heart of gold and a talent for melting the hearts of others. He’s also quite the well traveled pup and his owner documents all of his adventures. There is a particularly charming photo of Tuna in a suit looking dapper yet skeptical.

toastmeetsworld instagramToast | Handle: toastmeetsworld
Toast is a King Charles puppy mill rescue. (Big thumbs up for adopting rescues!) Toast has no teeth and her owner describes her as a “cute hobo”. She is indeed cute as is her pretty owner who is quite easy on the eyes. (Why don’t these two go to my dog park?) One of my recent favorite photos of Toast is of her relaxing on a blanket in the sun, tongue out, clutching a copy of Amy Schumer’s new book.

lacorgi instagramGeordi La Corgi | Handle: lacorgi
Geordi is an athlete, model, and food enthusiast. This dog is the epitome of charm and class and looks about 10 times better in a bow tie than I do. He also can rock a button up shirt and pair of glasses. As if this didn’t make him cool enough, past Halloween costumes include characters from Dr. Who and Star Trek. I really want to hang out with the dog. (Don’t get jealous Bitsy; there’s plenty of love to go around.)

chloetheminifrenchie instagramChloe the Mini Frenchie | Handle: chloetheminifrenchie
Chloe is a mini French bulldog who lives in New York City. She likes travel, fashion, and charity.  Chloe is certainly what some call “a fashionista” (going out on a limb here…) A recent photo of Chloe shows her wearing a leather jacket and a necklace on her head. She’s also apparently a pup who can really get into the holiday spirit! There’s a great photo of Chloe wearing a lion costume from a previous Halloween and she recently had her first visit to Santa of the season. Chloe is a canine who certainly knows how to live life to the fullest.

cartercanines instagram

Carter Family Dogs | Handle:
This account features a whole family of dogs! There is Oscar, the 9 year old golden retriever, Charlie a black lab who is also 9, Paddy, a one year old chocolate lab, and the baby dog of the family, Finn, a 6 month old black lab. This family clearly has their hands full but the dogs seem to love each other. The brood hails from Yorkshire and enjoys spending time outdoors.

dogsofinstagram instagramDogs of Instagram | Handle: dogsofinstagram
This account has 3.6 million followers and brings together various dogs of Instagram! Some are famous and others are lesser known but they are all special and awesome. This is one of my favorites because it brings a lot of favorites together in one place! They even have have a book available. (That’ll be a great stocking stuffer for my dog loving friends!)

Did you guys have a favorite account out of that ones I recommended? Any suggestions for ones that I should check out?


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