Bitsy’s Christmas Wish List

I love to spoil Bitsy and many of my friends and family members do as well. Although it’s tempting to get a bunch of tasty treats, Bitsy struggles with her weight so I need lots of non-food items for gifts. There are so many fun options out there right now that I won’t have any problem finding presents for Santa to deliver to Bitsy.

To Keep Your Dog Active

The ChuckIt Pro!
This device makes playing catch with your dog easier and more fun. The toy has a no slip grip and allows you to throw three times further than playing catch manually. You can also play without worrying about touching the drool covered ball your dog happily returns to you. The Chuck-It Pro retails for $13.99, but if you check you can find even better deals.

Nite Ize Led Dog Ball
This light up dog ball is great for late night and early morning games of fetch. The ball fits in most ball launchers, but can also be tossed manually. It retails for about $12, which is well worth it to be able to play fetch at all hours of the night.

Bungee Ball
This toy is a ton of fun! It has toy tennis balls tethered at the ends of a stretchy nylon cord. The cord creates a safe distance between your pet’s grasp and your hand so you can play tug of war without worrying about getting injured.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball
Six clutch pockets make it easy for your pooch to grab, carry, and toss this toy. The more your dog plays with it, the more googles and fun sounds the ball emits. It retails for $9.99 is available on

Chew Toys

Orbee Tuff Bulb
I found this toy on and knew it would be a perfect stocking stuffer for Bitsy. These are great chew toys and festive for the holiday season. They come in red, blue, green or orange and in two different sizes – small is 4.25″ and large is 6.5″. These have a great minty smell and aftertaste (okay I can’t personally vouch for the aftertaste but I am assuming) so your dog will love them.

Gary the Gefilte Fish
Gary is a Barkshop original and they tout him as the “world’s most attractive gefilte fish,” which isn’t saying very much because they aren’t exactly known for their good looks. Gary is stuffed and is a two way squeaker, so he makes noise when your dog bites down and when she lets go so it’s even more fun! Gary’s fins are tough woven nylon and are perfect for gripping and chewing.

Give Your Dog’s Brain a Workout

Trixie Flipboard Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle
Flip Board is an intermediate level game designed for small breeds and puppies.  There are covers, flaps, and cones and if your dog makes the right choices the hidden treats are revealed. It’s dishwasher safe and available for $22.60 on

Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Puzzle
This is great for dogs who need to focus and maybe calm down a little bit. They are made from composite board and are great for challenging and interacting with your dog. Dogs learn from moving pegs on the board and receiving treats. You can pick one up on Amazon for about $35.

Bitsy and I are looking forward to this holiday season and I hope you are your pooch are as well. Let me know if you have suggestions for a few more items I can add to Bitsy’s wish list!



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