This is Bitsy.

She is my world. A smiling, kisses giving, love sponge.

Meet Bitsy

Born August of 2012 – she was a rescue from a puppy mill. I always heard people talk about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and thought they were just too expensive to go out and buy… (plus, let’s be real, you should rescue instead of shop). Bitsy (FKA Bonnie) came into my local rescue after a puppy mill sting and I simply HAD to have her. Luckily the staff saw how we immediately bonded and agreed, despite several competing applications, that we were meant to be. Bitsy and Bradley.

So, I’ve decided to start this blog to talk about Cavaliers and also, to highlight some of my favorite dog content. I’m only working part-time right now (by choice), so forgive my world revolving around funny dog videos and pictures of Bitsy. If you love dogs, you’re pawsitively in the right place.