Naming Your Dog

Sometimes I’m at the dog park and I hear the most ridiculous names. My veterinarian said that the two most popular Cavalier names she hears are “Bentley” and “Teddy”. I came up this article – – and I have to say, these are some of the most ridiculous names I’ve ever heard… or seen for that matter.

When I named Bitsy, I thought “She’s just a bit of a thing” and I thought it was a cute nickname for a more preppy name, like Elizabeth.

I wonder what other people think when they name their dogs. If you rescue, do you keep the same name that the rescue gives them? If they’ve already been rehomed a few times, does the dog get confused because he’s named Bear Oreo Bandit Sir Wiggles McLovin Roofus?

Just some thoughts for a gloomy Wednesday.

On another note, does anyone’s cavalier hate getting their paws wet when it rains? I swear I’m playing the negotiator when it rains here with her to get her to potty outside… *first world problems…*


3 thoughts on “Naming Your Dog

  1. My husband loved the name “Pudding” for a dog because the vet we use refers to most dogs as little puddings and it really stuck with him for some reason. Anyway when we went to the farm to meet some Border Collie puppies and we first laid eyes on ours; the little matter of what we’d call her came up again and at that moment my Son pointed out we were buying her from a farm in Yorkshire which meant she was technically a “Yorkshire Pudding”
    Loved that full name but was not about to waltz out in public shouting the full title so suggested we gave her the name “Puddi” for everyday use. Lot of people tilted their head and pulled a face they just swigged a mouthful of last week’s milk when I first said the name but she’s really grown with it and suits the name “Puddi” down to the ground.

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    1. Thanks for the comment @Auntysocial. I know a friend of mine named his dog Spud since he was the size of a potatoe when he got him – so, Spud turned into Spuddy – it’s kind of morphed over time. As long as you love them, that’s all that really matters. Have a good one! – Brad

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  2. I met a woman the other day whose brother in law has a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named “Turnip” which made me belly laugh. Also noticed one of the top dogs registered with the British Flyball Association is a Border Collie named “Donkey” Now that I do love. Saw a long list of Collies named “Sky” or “Fly” and then there is was…

    “DONKEY” 😀

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